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Win a DELL Computer!

So...You wanna win a new Dell. Here's how it's done.

Registered members of the InsideSpokane.Com who are at least 18 yrs. old and a Washington resident have the opportunity to win this New Dell Computer by visiting InsideSpokane.Com and earning as many "points" as possible. The more points you earn, the more entries you will have in our prize drawings greatly increasing your chances of winning. Points can be earned though March 31, 2004.

Remember you must be logged in to earn points!

You must setup an account with so we can track your points. To setup your account Click Here.

How Do You Earn Points?

1. Logging into your account each day will get you 1 point.
This is by far the easiest way to build up your points.

2. Visiting Advertiser Links.
You can also earn points by visiting sponsor websites. If you click on one, 2 points will automatically be added to your total. There is a limit of 4 points a day that you can earn though.

3. Tell Friends About InsideSpokane.Com.
On the main page you will see a link that says "Tell A Friend About InsideSpokane.Com". This is your chance to really rack up some points. Each time you tell a friend about InsideSpokane.Com you will get 10 points. However there is a catch. Whoever you tell has to click on the link in the email they recieve from InsideSpokane.Com to check out the site. Each time someone you tell clicks that link to check out InsideSpokane.Com you get 10 points and a better chance at taking home this new Dell. So tell everyone you know.

4. Find websites to link to InsideSpokane.Com.
There are a bunch of websites out there related to Spokane. Get those sites to place a link on them to InsideSpokane.Com and walk away with 20 points for each one. This one is going to take the power of persuasion but could lead to some serious points. If you accomplish this goal submit an E-mail to us with a link to the site linking to us. Once we verify it you get your 20 points.

5. You tell us!
Come up with your own way to get the word out about InsideSpokane.Com and do it. All ideas must be approved by InsideSpokane.Com. If someone comes up with a cool idea for getting the word out about InsideSpokane.Com it will be posted to this section so everyone has a chance to earn the points. But whoever comes up with the idea gets an extra 50 points for thinking it up.

And remember: The more you log on at, the more opportunities you'll have to earn points and increase your chances of winning our fabulous prizes!

Good luck and thank you for visiting InsideSpokane.Com!

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